Too old?

I know what you are thinking.. I’m only 23 and that really isn’t old at all! It is actually pretty young (and I have my whole life ahead of me as my mum would say). However, I feel like I’m running out of time!? Last year I made the decision to go to university (second time lucky I hope) and study for a degree in Business and Marketing. A lot of the students on my course are a good three or four years younger than me and seem to have it all planned out! Whilst I frantically try and search for a summer internship, I feel like I won’t get all the opportunties as everyone younger as I am unable to do a placement year (this is where a lot of students get offered jobs too). However, I keep having to tell myself that I AM NOT TOO OLD and it isn’t an age thing. It’s whether you have the motivation and drive! I may not have much experience (yet) and am not able to have a year working for an established company, however I am a firm believer in being able to achieve anything you want if you work hard. I really need to work hard, at university and with experience within the sector (and hopefully a marketing internship next summer!) in order to make my dreams a reality! After attending a careers fair today and talking to people from Asos, Not On The Highstreet, IBM and many more I am more determined than ever. If anyone is in the same position as me and sometimes doesn’t feel like they are getting anywhere.. please put your positive pants on (another thing my mum would say!) and work for what you want. That’s my plan.

My business girls 

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