Don’t believe everything you think…

I love posting about travel or lifestyle etc but I thought I’d take the time to blog about something a little more serious in order to raise awareness. Anxiety is a huge deal and something that not many people understand. Unless you go through it or experience it firsthand, you probably don’t understand how much it can impact someone’s life. This is something that has taken a lot of courage for me to not only admit, but to share and to feel comfortable talking about rather than embarrassed. 

It is natural to worry or feel anxious but for it to completely take over is not okay. Anxiety is something that had not only consumed me but changed me into a person I didn’t even recognise. It is something I wasn’t very familiar and I didn’t understand the seriousness of it at all. It intensifies situations in my mind and causes me to act worried, panicked and irrational. It had completely consumed me and has changed me from the happy, outgoing person I was. However it does not define you. I know from my personal perspective that this isn’t me and not who I am, I am just consumed by something I couldn’t control and try to fix everything when I need to fix myself. You can’t fix it, but you can control it. Through suffering with this I have lost people very important to me because I couldn’t control it and acted completely out of character because I was angry at the situations I had created because anxiety made me want to fix things I couldn’t fix. I did things I wouldn’t usually do and hurt people in the process. This was the wake up call I needed to make a change.

The whole point of this post is to share my story in order for anyone going through the same or similar.. that it will be okay. You know it’s not you and the mistakes you make don’t define you. Don’t believe everything you think! Anxiety makes things worse. I am embarrassed of the way I’ve acted over the past year the people closest to me know that’s not me and if you are going through it too, you’ll know. I just need to remember that these mistakes made through anxiety don’t define me as a person and I will learn from this. 

Do not be afraid to talk about it or admit that you are going through it. A close friend sent me this and it really helped.

🔥🔥 everyone makes mistakes. Anxiety fuelling it makes it worse but it does get better! I am running the Surrey 5k and tough mudder in order to raise money for anxiety UK and to raise awareness and to support others going through the same. It’s a work in progress but things do get better! 

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