How do you like your eggs in the mornin…

Yeah that song is now in my head too! Anyway.. I thought I’d post something a little happier than the previous post! Anyone that knows me knows I love food and I’m always hungry! My absolute favourite thing to do is to go out for breakfast and as you can probably tell eggs are my go to choice! Although I’m not too boring and I do mix it up! I thought I’d share my top 2 breakfast places and my favourite picks! 

#1 Bills

Bills is my ultimate go to breakfast place (and most of my friends!)… I prefer breakfast here to lunch or dinner! My go to was always scrambled egg and bacon on toast but now my new favourite is acavado, bacon and eggs on toast (this is the photo on the blog post). It is literally amazing! 

#2 Driftwood 

This little cafe is located in Emsworth which isn’t too far from me. It is the cutest place and is very near to the nicest view. I often go here on a nice sunny morning so I can have poached eggs on toast before a cute walk by the water! 

So yeah.. foodies please hit me up with suggestions! 

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