It’s okay not to be okay

Firstly, the reason for the picture for this blog is me looking really excitable and happy is to show that a photo can hide a million things. Whilst somebody can look as happy as Larry.. you never know what is going on behind the smile. 

When this photo was taken of me, I was anything but happy. Yeah I was having an amazing trip don’t get me wrong… but I wasn’t okay. And do you know what… It is okay not to be okay all the time. You wouldn’t be human if you were happy 24/7. Don’t let this defeat you or make you think any less of yourself. 

My top three tips for coping with this are:

#1 – Talk to your friends 

This is what friends are for. Sometimes you just need to let it all out to someone that has your back. In my case, my friends tell me it how it is and they don’t sugar coat anything. However talking to them always helps me when I’m not feeling okay as they make me realise #1 this is normal #2 that they are there for me regardless.

#2 Listen to music

Music is my ultimate therapy in life and it really helps. Sometimes I just blast out the happiest music and it really helps to lift my mood. 

#3 Keep busy

Whether it’s going for a walk, seeing a friend or exercising, this is the best way to keep your mind off things. When you aren’t feeling okay, just take some time out and do something which will distract you for a little while. This is one of my main coping mechanisms hence why I am never free. I pack up my schedule probably too much! This really helps me distract myself for a little bit when things are a little tough.

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