Experience is the key…

I grew up watching The Hills and 11 years after the first episode aired, I still and watch and reference the show. Whether it was real or made for entertainment, it showed two interns (Conrad & Port) intern at Teen Vogue. From then onwards I realised the steps I needed to take in order to land a job in the industry I want to work in. A degree is all well and good but employers really look at experience and it really is key. Interning and work experience is hard because it is #1 difficult to secure and #2 is more often than not unpaid. However it really will help make you stand out from other applicants when applying for a job. Additionally, if you prove yourself at the company you are interning for you could secure a job with them! Although it is difficult to do this when having outgoings, if it’s something you can do, it’s a must. I have a friend working for free in London in order to gain a wealth of experience in her desired field and another friend that is trying to make it in creative advertising. It’s the small steps that make the difference.

I recently did a week of shadowing at a small digital marketing agency boxChilli and it was such a great week. I loved seeing how the company worked! I also got on very well with the two current interns who have similar goals. The passion they have was also inspiring. I want to share the top 3 things I learnt on my work experience at the company.

#1 It showed me that I really do want to work in the marketing industry! A huge part of work experience is making sure that you do actually want to work in the field you think you do. I wanted to teach from age 5-15 and after completing work experience in a school, I realised it wasn’t for me. Therefore it is important to test the water! I absolutely loved seeing exactly how the company worked.

#2 How does it work? I have studied marketing at university for two years now but I have never really seen how it works in an environment outside a lecture hall. I got to see how graphic design, SEO, social media and sales work within a small company and it really helped show me what goes on firsthand.

#3 What am I good at!? There are many different aspects in marketing and I’m often asked what part do you want to work in!? And I never had a clue! After seeing a digital marketing agency at work I saw exactly went on. I sat and saw SEO and coding at work and realised it really wasn’t for me! However content and social media was definitely my thing! I also got to write a blog entry (www.boxchilli.com/expect-new-website-project) which not only let me explain the steps for creating a new website project but allowed me to write which is one of my passions! 

My blog post on boxChilli.com
(Credit to teenvogue.com for the cover image)

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