Summer blues

Everyone has the Monday morning dreading feeling after a weekend off… But after a whole three and a half months off this feeling is so so so much worse today! Going back to work after a holiday or even a weekend is hard enough, right? So after having all the time in the world (whilst still working part-time) over the past few months, it is FINALLY time to go back to university. Although I am so excited to see my friends and to have something to work on (I know I’ll be regretting saying this in a months time!), I am not sure how I’ll cope on the first Monday back! The two hour commute four days a week plus working at ridiculous o’clock alongside studying doesn’t sound appealing at all right now but it definitely makes me appreciate the summer I’ve had. Anyone that knows me will know I can’t sit still and I’m pretty spontaneous, therefore I’ve been non stop all summer. I was lucky enough to visit Rome in July and Tenerife in September as well as catching up with friends. However I now definitely have a severe case of summer blues! I thought I just had holiday blues, but nope… I just want summer back!

IMG_2886.JPG(Rome was amazing)

The best way to beat these blues in my opinion is to have something to look forward to! Having plans, even as little as meeting friends or a day doing something fun always gets me through a busy week! I can’t wait to plan more trips and spontaneous adventures! Any ideas!?